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                  Everything you need to know before an international travel.

      A lot of people nowadays decide to travel abroad – not only to relax, but mostly for economic reasons. The most popular destinations for our countrymen are England, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and other European giants. If you are planning to travel out of the country it might be useful to take a look at some tips that will be beneficial during your trip. The things you need to consider are the distance from your destination country, its specificity, culture, customs and of course the conditions of admission to work. It is worthy to take only the most essential items. Make sure that your luggage does not become a redundant burden, but contains elements that will help you start a new life. .

Door to Door personal and delivery services.

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In an effort to achieve the highest possible quality of the offered services, we prepared two D2D (door to door) option for you.

   Before you leave, check whether it will be possible to store your things in a safe way in your quarters. Before you decide to reside in a particular place, you should read the lease arrangement carefully or agree on the sharing of costs with your roommates. Never choose to pay your rent or your share of fees until you will have a 100% certainty of the actual accommodation conditions. It is also worthwhile to check your employer if you want to work abroad. His or her business should be registered. If you know the language well, you can verify the company in a relevant register on your own hand or access the information about the views on the employer written by other employees. An appropriate institution could also be of help, as well as all the employment intermediary companies, officials working in the offices of assistance to the immigrants and employees in selected companies.

   Remember that the amount of Poles living abroad does not directly affect the number of institutions ready to help the immigrant. Such offices or people are usually located in the larger cities of the region. Therefore, try to get contact phone numbers, e-mail and postal addresses of these so, in the event of a problem, you will be able to address them. What is more, you might want to have basic contacts to emergency or information institutions. Consequently, always carry emergency numbers, information numbers etc. This way you will avoid the chaos and unnecessary worries. The same applies to concluding the formalities on arrival. You should first determine the name of the institution in which you will apply for a work and residence permit, or register yourself as an immigrant. You must be aware of how these procedures look like and how much they can cost. A trip without preparation can cause stress and unnecessary worry if you do not think about it before, while still in Poland.

   If you leave completely on your own, you have to think about many additional things. Find out how much will be the cost of transportation. Check where you can find a mechanic if your car breaks down. Information on the Internet message boards for emigrants may be vital, especially in the beginning. It is also good to know where you can find the best place for your daily shopping. If you intend to use public transport, take some time to familiarise yourself with it. Check out the timetables of buses, trams or the underground. This will help you to avoid confusion. Maybe there will be somebody with experience in this matter and willing to help you, or to go with you several first times, so you can feel more comfortable in a new situation. Of course, the formalities related to work are one thing. Another one is relaxation and pleasure.

   Check out the local institutions offering ways of spending free time. Follow the information on discounts, allowances and other regulations on the use of available offers. The more you know, the faster you acclimate in a specific place. Best to be on the safe side. Insist on detailed information about your job and health insurance in the event of health problems. If you are a student, you should obtain a European student card. It allows discounts on public transport, provides assistance in case of medical and hospital visits. Such insurance also allows you to cover the costs of medical treatment abroad.

   In the meantime, we advise you to make copies of every document that you sign. Why? First and foremost for security reasons. Documents are the most important part of your luggage. Keeping a close eye on them should be your priority and not a matter of lack of trust in others (although the principle of limited trust is desirable, especially at the beginning of your travel). It is about taking care of your own safety. Therefore, always make copies of each document. Find a place to store them and make sure that only you have access to them. In addition to the current documents, you should think about those that you need to take with you. Copy your birth certificate, documents certifying your education, driver's license, other certificates, etc. You should also find out if it will be necessary to translate them or to obtain a certificate of qualifications if your documents are not accepted in the foreign country.

   It may also happen that you will need references. You should have them with you in several languages. In addition to the documents, think about making the appropriate amount of passport photos and copies of the documents themselves. If you plan to stay abroad longer, think about setting up a bank account. This will eliminate paying transfer fees and currency exchange. Moreover, settling the formalities seems a lot easier in this case, and account management and contact with the bank will be more direct. Check the bank offers, compare them and choose what will suit you best.

   Language is, in most cases, a weak point of immigrants. While young people get by well, the older people may even be terribly afraid to ask for an address or the nearest bus stop. That is why, both before and during your stay you should browse the offers of schools of selected language. English and German are popular, whereas other language courses can be more expensive or less available. It is also worthy to get a phrasebook and try to learn the language yourself on communicative level. Make your new GP’s and your new shop assistant jobs easier. The language issue is of course a long subject, but you surely agree that the more open you are to the new language, the easier you will handle the hardships of moving.

   Remember that staying a foreign country is not only about obligations, but also about pleasures. Think about how you will spend your holiday or weekend. Rest from work can be a great excuse to get to know the area where you live. Make a use of tourism offers, familiarise yourself with the customs, culture and the people of the region or country. There is nothing that binds us more to the place of residence as the knowledge of local customs. If it is possible try to obtain a tourist card, as well as discounts. Save money by booking tickets in advance. If you wish to combine work and studying in a foreign country, you may ask your school or college to give you certificates of studying or make ID cards which will allow you to use the attractions of a city or region in a more free and cheaper way.  

   Now that you're ready to leave, you have all the documents, arranged accommodation and packed your luggage it is time to choose the means of transport. Airplanes are quite popular. Nowadays, you have a choice of several airlines that offer cheap flights to anywhere in Europe. It is unquestionably a convenient and fast solution (a flight from Poznan to London takes just over two hours). However, remember that when you buy a cheap ticket, you have to take into account all additional charges: for luggage, airport, insurance, etc. Of course, in such a case, it is not possible to take all your belongings and any excess baggage means extra costs. If you want to drive on your own, you must be prepared for high cost of petrol and a possibility of an accident. If you are going to go to work with a friend, you can share travel expenses. However, the probability of an accident or breakdown is much higher. Therefore, if you have to choose means of transport that will be safe, comfortable and of comparable cost, it is worthy to take a bus into consideration.

Companies offering these services provide comfort, safety and of course a friendly atmosphere. If you choose Comfort Bus, you can count on competitive prices and well-prepared cars for the trip. We drive on such routes as: Poland - England, Poland - Germany, Poland - The Netherlands, Poland - Belgium. Our drivers are experienced and trained professionals. They have travelled thousands of kilometres so far. What is the most important both for us and for our customers is a pleasant service during the tour, and before buying the ticket. The process of booking a seat is simplified and adapted to individual needs. We have also introduced a new service element – the door to door option. You can choose to be taken directly to an address in a selected location for incomparably lower price. We know that going to England is associated with high level of stress, so our comfortable minibuses make the ride enjoyable, quick and safe like no other.

Check out our offer on site and choose our competitive prices. We are at your disposal to help you start up a new life. We invite you to familiarise yourself with our offer, remembering all of our tips on how to prepare to go abroad. The Comfort Bus Company makes every effort to make your travel by minibus to another country a beginning of a better life. Plan your trip to England, Belgium, Holland or Germany with Comfort Bus today. Check our prices, contact us by phone or email and let us positively surprise you.